“Figuring out what food is healthy and tasty can be very controversial and you can easily bump into someone who tries to turn you vegan or worse. We did four sessions with Valentina in Milan and had an amazing experience: Valentina is practical, very knowledgeable and extremely easy to get along with: more like a friend who drops by to help out with the cooking! She has excellent English, taught us some excellent cooking techniques but I’d say her forte is understanding what is in food, what ingredients to buy and how to make them taste great. Would thoroughly recommend Valentina to anyone interested in good food!”
Gary e Em F. (Private couple sessions and cooking classes)

“I experienced change attending the group classes conducted by Valentina Dolci. I realized that health comes mostly from the food we eat and that I can improve my well-being by making the correct choices. I committed to the instructions she gave to us and began to use new ingredients and new recipes. I felt less bloated right away. Some of my symptoms decreased and eventually disappeared such as gastritis, colitis and high blood pressure. I also renewed my excitement for cooking and learned how to enjoy the “magical combination” of the new ingredients I discovered. Now I realize that the food I eat is not just a biological need, but I can also use it to increase my creativity, energy and over all well-being.”
Anna B. (Group classes)

“I have always been interested in healthy food, but all of the information I have been exposed to was contradictory and overwhelming. I finally received the correct philosophy and received much clarity attending group classes with Valentina. I learned how to be aware of the signs that my body sends me and I lost some extra pounds not even realizing it!.”
Francesca C. (Group classes)

I had been suffering for years from colitis which was very annoying and painful, especially after dinner. Also, every morning I would wake up with a big bloated stomach. I tried many different things but nothing was helping me until I met Valentina. Through her program I learned how to have a healthy and balanced diet. Thanks to her advice and the help of “the magic flax seeds”, my stomach is very rarely bloated and I am not in pain anymore. In the meantime I lost 10 lbs!.”
Laura M. (Private individual sessions)

“We hired Valentina to learn how to choose the correct healthy food for us. We are comfortable with her because she listened to our needs. We are very happy with our new awareness of nutrition and we are relating to our food in a whole new way. We have found new ways to enjoy healthy food without giving up pleasure and taste.”
Claudio e Nelli M. (Private couple sessions and cooking classes)

“I am 41 and I live in Milan. I am mother of a ten and a five year old. For years I searched for the right support for our health and nutrition. Last year I was lucky enough to attend a class held by Valentina. I learned how to nourish my body in the best way, where to by the “good stuff” and how to cook it for my family. I finally found the guide I had been looking for!
“Then I decided to extend this opportunity to some friends of mine, also moms, so Valentina put together a series of private group classes at my place combining theory with practice, where we cooked her recipes together and tasted the delicious healthy dishes. This was a great formula for us because we were able to learn and taste as we took the course. We were then able to take this knowledge back into our lives to use for ourselves and for our families. I am very thankful to Valentina who is very professional and fun at the same time. She helped all of us to feel enthusiasm for this new way of cooking and eating.”
Eugenia L. (Group classes and private cooking classes)